Thursday, June 23, 2011


dhea oxford shoes-ivory
dhea oxford shoes

OMG.........this morning i had been view this video.
my daughter that aunty dhea.
we know her..mama friends is it???
hahhaa..yes my dear.that's aunty dhea.
we wish her luck and all the  best......
nice video introducing her new collection..ivory.

(dhea video in english so entry yg nie english kan lar skit bahasa tu..hahaa)


dhea osman said...

kak shima!!! malooo! hehe..

thnks kak shima kerana tolong prmote kan :) love you :) muahh muahhh

kimsalam anak2 ye

Norhasimah Mohd Room said... prob.anytime u tooo three fourrr...hikhikhik.insyallah.